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DJB International is the leading provider of small/medium business services.

We offer a variety of consulting services:
  • Telecommunications - Sonus Networks, Broadsoft, VMware, LRN Redirect Server, SIP Redirect Server, Lucent Compact Switch, Telica, NACT STX/NTS, Nextone, Mera MVTS, Acme Packet, Freeswitch, Asterisk, SIP Redirect Server, LRN Server, Cacti, Conferencing Server, IVR, Cisco, Real-Time Billing, Real-Time Traffic Report, Carrier's Bill Auditing, Profit/Loss Analysis, VPN Setup, Monitoring system, etc.
  • E-Commerce - Shopping Carts, Web Services Application, Socket Server API, Barcode, etc.

  • Contact:  info@djbinternational.com

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